Terrier Mix
April 3, 2002
15 years & 10 months

We were contacted by one of our supporters regarding two dogs who were about to be euthanized. Someone had both dogs for a while and now the owner didn't want to have this "burden" anymore... Our first reaction was to scream STOP!! We promised to take these two dogs, and even though the owner preferred to stay hidden (communicated through a chain of people with us), we were able to successfully remove two of the dogs from the horrific situation, unfortunately female pup had neurological problems and there was nothing even specialist could do to save her. But Max had a chance, we could tell, even though the level of neglect was beyond our understanding. The stench filled the waiting room as we were expecting to see a doctor. It was safe to assume that he didn't take a bath for many years. But it didn't stop us from hugging the pup and giving him as much love and affection as we possibly could. Weeks passed, and after getting all necessary medical treatments Max is finally ready for adoption. Please fill out the adoption application if you'd like to give Max another chance in life.

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