Pending Adoption
8 years & 5 months
10 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
can provide a safe space for a senior dog, no other pets at home

Mia is a lovable senior dog who hopes to spend the later years of her life being pampered as a lap dog!

Mia was found limping on the street with a broken leg. We took her to receive medical care, where it was discovered she was suffering from several ailments. Her femur was broken and she had tumors all over her abdomen. In addition, she was found to be dealing with the later stages of heart murmur. Despite these complications, Mia continued to wag her tail, showing us that her spirit was still going strong and she was ready to tackle anything that came her way. With her chin held high and her chest puffed, she endured the operations needed to stabilize her health! Her leg was amputated and the tumors were removed, but Mia was still the same happy, spirited girl wagging her tail.

Mia is very affectionate and will trail after her human companions in search of comfort and intimacy. She likes to be spoiled with cuddles and lots of attention, and would prefer being the only pet at home so she can spend her days being curled in your lap. When she's not cozying next to you for a cuddle session, she'll be more than happy to step outside for a pleasant stroll around the neighborhood. Even with her missing leg, she walks and hops to her heart's content!

If you're looking for a strong-willed, soft-hearted girl like Mia as a friend, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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Sorry, but Mia currently has a pending adoption and we cannot accept any more applications at this time.