August 10, 2016
1 years & 2 months

We were contacted regarding a local hoarding situation. Our team went to try and convince the people to surrender their neglected dogs to us... It's never easy to convince hoarders that they are not showing love and care to their pets by simply keeping them inside of their homes, but we decided to try a nice approach first nevertheless. We were not allowed to go behind the fence, but we already could tell that dogs are antisocial, dirty and neglected.  Morgan was one of the poodles we rescued that day.  He was one of the most neglected dogs, and so it was the easiest to persuade people to surrender him to us. As soon as we stepped outside, it was clear that the dog doesn't know what the outside is, scared of any sound or sudden motion. We couldn't even think of putting him inside a car at that moment, and so we did what any animal lover would do - we gave him space and time to realize that we won't hurt him. No one will hurt him ever again. And so after about 30 mins he finally calmed down and stopped trying to escape. He decided to give us a chance. Now, weeks later Morgan is a completely new dog, confident and healthy. He is ready to meet his new family and begin his new happy life. 




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