Pit Bull Mix
13 years
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Who has a backyard so I can enjoy my daily sunbathing sessions.

We got a call about a dog who’s been seriously injured, possibly stabbed by his owner, and was bleeding in the street. He was clearly in need of urgent medical attention, so we rushed to the scene to help. There was no way we could have allowed this dog to stay with the people who hurt him like this. Luckily, we were able to get him on time. We named this sweet pup Morty. After the vet exam, we discovered that Morty is a senior dog, about 10yo, who had been tragically stabbed in the head with something sharp, perhaps a pair of scissors or a knife. It was really heartbreaking to see Morty in this condition because he is just the sweetest big ol’ mush, and he most definitely didn’t deserve to suffer such awful abuse. He's fully recovered since then and is now looking for his forever home. Morty's favorite thing to do is sunbathing on the grass, so we believe that the best forever home for him would be a house with a backyard. Morty is perfect on his walks and gets along with mellow dogs though he can get into a brawl with pushy, dominating dogs. Morty does not like cats at all and can be a little barker. Overall, Morty is a giant teddy bear, and we know for sure that he will make one lucky family very happy!

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