February 22, 2004
14 years & 0 months

Nala was surrendered to a kill-shelter when she was 14 years old. We saw her by accident, shivering on the corner of the cold cage. She was so sad, she didn't even look our way when we called to pet her. Can you imagine living your whole life in a comfortable home and then one day- BOOM, you are discarded like an old toy. No wonder Nala didn't even try to greet people, she no longer believed in miracles. The image of the senior cat who gave up any hope broke our hearts, and we decided to do something about it. Nala was pulled imideatly and we rushed her to the vet office. As it turned out, Nala has a failing kidney, which is probably the reason why she was surrendered in the first place. However after speaking to the doctors and learning about her treatments we've learned that having this illness doesn't mean she can't have many quality years ahead of her. Right diet and a IVs (which can be done at home with the proper training we will provide) is all that  Nala needs, and thankfully, we've got an amazing foster who does that and much more. Funny facts about Nala- she enjoys taking a bath and loooooves to cuddle with her foster brother, a very friendly pup. Nala deserves a second chance in life, and if you believe that too, please fill out the adoption application today.


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