Siberian Husky
4 years & 2 months
30 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
No cats in the home. Experience with large dogs that have prey drive

Nanook's story is one of the worst cases we ever had. She was found in a garbage bag in a parking lot between two cars. She was still alive, but barely. Nanook was so malnourished that she couldn't move or lift her head. She was rushed to the emergency hospital immediately, after the police notified us. Doctors discovered bleeding and infected pressure sours all over her legs, indicating that she was kept on a hard floor in one position for a while. The oozing discharge from her private area for unknown reasons was also alarming, but worse was her muscle atrophy. She's been starved for so long that her muscles wasted away. Weighing only 14 lbs. when she was rescued, Nanook's life was hanging by a thread. But Nanook was determined to overcome all these obstacles and start a new life. She has fought so hard with medical help and physical therapy, that within a few months she was standing on her own. Her personality started shining through while she received care in her foster home. Nanook is now a very sweet and playful pup. Her favorite things to do are walks around the neighborhood and saying hello to everyone, hanging out on the couch and giving her humans a lot of love and kisses, she loves treats the most! and like her husky ancestors, she loves to be chatty. She needs a slow introduction to any other dogs in the house, but with some training at home she will have a successful future. Our sweet girl is ready to find her forever home, and receive all the love she deserves. We believe she would be best in a home with no cats or small dogs, she will need a slow introduction with any large dogs. If you would like to meet and adopt Nanook, please fill out an adoption application today!

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