Domestic Shorthair
November 7, 2016
2 years & 7 months
Pending Adoption

We have no idea where Nigel came from, but we know he was coming to us for help. He knew that if he stays on his own he won't make and so he approached one of our volunteers, limping, his front paw was swollen and appeared broken. His tail was in even worse condition, it looked crooked and was he was constantly trying to hide it under his body. Nigel needed help, and we were there to help him. We rushed him into the vet office, and after a few X-Rays we've learned that his paw and tail weren't broken, but it was due to the severe infection that spread throughout his whole left side and even got to his nerve that the paw and the tail appeared that way. It was nothing that a round of strong antibiotics couldn't fix, and so we knew that we were right on time to stop the infection spreading and to, ultimately, save his life, this where we knew that Nigel will one day get to have his happily ever after. We run a few more to tests and found that Nigel turned out to be FIV+, which doesn't mean that he can't have a long and happy life. All it means is that he will have to be the only kitty in the household. When we look at Nigel we can see it on his face that he didn't have an easy life. But he pulled through, and we think a fighter like his deserves a second chance in life. Please give him a chance to show you what a good boy he can be, fill out the adoption application today.

Adopt Nigel

Sorry, but Nigel is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!