Pandora and Bagheera

Domestic Shorthair
7 months
4 lbs

We were contacted about a kitten stuck between a pole and a chair in someone’s garage. When the person opened their garage, mama cat and the rest of the kittens scattered, except one, this baby was stuck. Once people could free her, she crawled out, but shortly after, she stopped moving… That is when we were contacted about this case. We could tell by the visuals sent to us that the kitten didn’t have much time. She was lethargic and could barely breathe. We rushed to the scene and brought her to the emergency where doctors did everything to stabilize her. We named the kitty Bagheera (the black one). Her leg was so swollen she couldn't even move it. And while Bagheera was at the hospital, we got a call about another sick kitten. This one was crawling on the street, blinded by the crust over her eyes. After we rushed that one to the doctor as well, we've learned that, unfortunately, we will only be able to save one of her eyes. Which didn't bother Pandora in the slightest. Once both kittens felt better, we thought they were meant to be together. And once we did, Pandora and Bagheera became the best friends and now looking for a home that would take them both so they can stay together forever! If you'd like to adopt Pandora and Bagheera, please fill out the adoption application today.

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