January 4, 2010
7 years & 5 months

As it often happens, after the owner passes away, there is no one to care for the pets that are left behind. This was the case with Pekie and her brother Donald. One of them was rescued from a shelter and another from an abusive situation, and both of them were facing terrible future once again. When we received the call about two dogs, one of which is 10 years old and has no teeth, about to be surrendered to a shelter we knew that this story may not end well unless we interfere. And so we did, we welcomed these two dogs into AMA family. Pekie, the Pekingese, looked a little bit better on the surface than Donald, but unfortunately was not. She was heartworm positive. It broke our hearts to know that her life can be possibly in danger, but we never give up on our pets without a fight. And so we started very expensive treatment for her without a second thought. She is now has a long road to recovery, but we believe that she will find her happily ever after because she deserves it like any other homeless pet. She is great with people and other dogs, super friendly.

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