February 2, 2017
1 years & 8 months
Pending Adoption

Pepper is another pup we are desperate to give a happily ever after to. She lived her entire life on a chain outside and as a result, she developed hematoma on a back of her neck. Thanks to our rescue partner in Thailand, Thai Street Paws Rescue, her owners agreed to let Pepper fly to the USA to find a family that would let her live inside with them. We were already bringing in 3 other Thai pups and were at total capacity, but how could we say no to finding this sweet girl a home? And so she flew to NY and now is learning how to be a true New Yorker. Pepper is looking for owners that can help to build her confidence. She is an affectionate and attention loving girl when she gets to know you, and adores spending time with her human friends. Along with this, Pepper is very playful with other dogs but can be timid if they are pushy or bossy around her. Pepper also can be shy with new people, so will need a patient and understanding approach to help her overcome this. Pepper is ready to find a home that can add the feeling of safety in her life. If you can offer her the home she is looking for, please fill out the adoption application today.

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