Domestic Shorthair
July 3, 2016
3 years & 6 months
In boarding

We were contacted regarding an injured and abused stray cat. When we saw this image, we had absolutely no words to express our shock... The suffering this cat must have endured is unimaginable. There is no way we could have ignored the plea. We went to the provided location, and when we saw this cat in person it was even worse than we expected- his skin was sloughing off of his body, he had open sores and wounds, his tail was twitching furiously. As soon as we saw him, we named him Phoenix. (Rising no matter what, get it? ) We hoped that maybe he wouldn’t be completely feral- but unfortunately, he was terrified, and we couldn’t even get close. Trapping Phoenix was the only option, and so we did what we had to do without any hesitations. We trapped the kitty and safely transported him to a vet clinic. He's been on medical boarding since March 2019, and after all this time he finally decided to give that "domestic cat" a try. He started playing, and even though he's still easily spooked, he's more interested to learn how to interact with people now. His fur may never grow back, but that doesn't mean it has to stop him from living a full and happy life. Please consider adopting Phoenix, fill out the adoption application today.

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