Domestic Shorthair
December 1, 2014
4 years & 1 months
In foster

We were contacted about an abandoned cat that was living alone in the empty apartment for weeks. Pinky's owner passed, and the family members weren't able to take the kitty in. Lady's grandson was coming over once a week to leave food and water for the cat, but he was living too far to continue doing it much longer. On top of everything, the landlord wanted Pinky out, or he was threatening to throw him out on the street. And so the family became desperate to find Pinky a new home, that is where they contacted us and asked for help. We went to check on the kitty, and our hearts broke when we saw a scared and traumatized cat who seemed to be neglected more than a few weeks. We then learned that Pinky didn't have the best life  - he was obese, almost triple his normal weight, he wasn't properly socialized, and even though he is a short haired cat, he was so matted on his back that we had to shave him clean. We knew that this cat would need special care and so we took him in, knowing that we'll do everything to turn his life around. But this wasn't the end of his struggles. While on boarding, Pinky was so stressed that he wasn't drinking, eating or going to the bathroom - he was just sittings still. We discovered a few rotten teeth, and so we hoped that maybe after we do his dental it would feel more comfortable eating his food, but that didn't help much. Luckily, a foster family stepped up and offered to give Pinky a save heaven to recover and learn how to be confident in this world. It was slow progress, but progress nevertheless. At first, Pinky wouldn't come out from under the couch at all. He would only eat when hand fed and only in small amounts. Then, Pinky moved up to the bed, from which he would only move to go to the bathroom, but he still would have to be hand fed while on the bed. We were so happy to see that his foster parents didn't want to give up and were extremely patient with Pinky. Weeks late, Pinky is doing much better. He lost some weight and now walks around the house, recognizing it as his safe space. He loves to cuddle and asks for belly rubs. We think it is time for Pinky's happily ever after to finally find him. Fill out the adoption application today.

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