Small Mix
October 1, 2012
7 years & 1 months
Pending Adoption

We've noticed Prince when we visited a local kill-shelter. He was cowering in a back of a cage, shaking like a leaf. When we lingered by his cage we realized that he wasn't like other dogs, and after taking a closer look we realized that poor Prince was partially blind. All he can see is shadows, but nothing more. That is why he was so scared and confused at the shelter, too many new smells and noises, and no way for him to know what is going on. We pulled him immediately and placed him with an experienced foster who dealt with special needs dogs before. It took Prince only two days to adjust to his new surrounding and a true royal personality started coming out. It didn't take him a week until he started bossing around his foster mom and her dog. There is nothing more he prefers than to cuddle with his human, and seems that he likes to be carried around in a bag when outside. A loud street could be scary for him, but he doesn't mind a quite outside area to do his business and run around. Because Prince still sees shadows he doesn't bump into things and moves around his house with a confidence you wouldn't expect from a dog that's been through so much. But Prince is a fighter and we can't wait to find his forever home so that he can be spoiled rotten there.

Adopt Prince

Sorry, but Prince is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!