November 2, 2015
3 years & 1 months
In foster

We love to share amazing news with our followers, but unfortunately, in our field, we receive sad news more often than not... This is one of those stories. Do you remember Princess? The sweet pup that we rescued from a kill shelter with huge tumors all over her body? Well, the biopsy results and other tests revealed that Princess has a very aggressive and late stage cancer, mast cell tumor. And not only that, it has spread to her lymph nodes and abdomen. Her oncologist’s prognosis is a couple of months, at best. Unfortunately, there is not much the oncologists can do or recommend at this stage except keeping her comfortable using steroids and other medications. We are not giving up on our girl, and we are determined to give her the best quality of life possible in the next months, weeks, or days of her life, for as long as she has left. <3

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