Domestic Shorthair
3 years & 2 months
12 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Can provide a safe space for an adult cat

Puma might not be as large as the majestic big cat in the same family, but he's certainly got the playful and fierce energy to rival one! Be careful not to get too bewitched by his beautiful green eyes, or you'll find yourself going through your stash of treats faster than expected!

We found Puma when he was left at our shelter's doorstep overnight. So far, our shelter staff has found that he's a very sweet and cuddly cat that loves asking for pets! Like his giant counterpart, Puma has a wild side to him and likes to keep his instincts sharp! He'll spend his afternoons pouncing mouse toys and chasing laser pointers, honing his hunting skills. When he's got lots of energy to expend, he'll unleash it in the form of zoomies around the house and make long, graceful leaps from furniture to furniture. He's like a puma in all but size!

Puma loves playtime, but he loves spending time with his human friends just as much! He'll sidle up to your side and rub against you when he's feeling clingy. He enjoys being petted, but he also tends to get overstimulated easily, so he would appreciate someone who is attentive and knows when to give him some space to cool down. As long as you're considerate of his personal boundaries, you'll get along just fine with Puma!

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