Pumpkin, Phoebe, Pippa and Panda

Domestic Shorthair
October 17, 2018
6 months
Pending Adoption

WARNING (FOLLOWING CONTENT CAN MELT YOUR HEART WITH OVERLOADED CUTENESS):  "Our names are Pumpkin (tabby), Phoebe (black, female), Pippa (black/white, female) and Panda (white). Someone separated us from our parents when we were just two days old. The worst part was that we were left out freezing and hungry in a plastic bag thrown in the trash somewhere in the streets of Brooklyn. Even though the plastic bag was not sturdy enough to support our weights, we snuggled and slept tight with each other to keep ourselves warm. It was indeed a scary evening. We prayed, but it felt like the night was never going to end and that we might just stop breathing any second. The darkest hour came right before the dawn. We sensed that soo we'll be running out of breath, so collectively we decided to act and get ourselves out of that situation. We purred together loudly until our throats ached. Fortunately, a blessed person from AMA Animal Rescue heard us and immediately took us to their shelter. They were generous enough to provide us warmth, food, medicines and most importantly a roof to live under.  This happened in October and now we are just dandy. Over the past month, apart from evolving ourselves into cute munchkins, we have also learned to play, love and live our lives to the fullest. Trust us, we can show you a lot of new techniques to enjoy the life that you haven’t seen before. Are we not cute and cheerful enough to get adopted? Please give us a call before your arrival so that we can put up a show together to lure you with our tricks. We are looking forward to you welcoming us into your respective families."- Kittens

Adopt Pumpkin, Phoebe, Pippa and Panda

Sorry, but Pumpkin, Phoebe, Pippa and Panda is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!