Domestic Shorthair
6 years & 1 months
9 lbs
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Has experience socializing cats

Meet Pumpkin, the resilient kitty with a heart as shiny as his namesake! Despite a rough start, this precious furball is on a quest for his purr-fect forever home. Pumpkin was discovered by the roadside with a broken jaw and injured paws. Though his past left him a bit shaken, with lots of TLC, he's blossomed into a courageous little feline. It's believed Pumpkin had a run-in with a car, but his spirit remains unbroken, his determination unmatched.

Initially, Pumpkin wasn't your typical lap cat – he preferred his own space and cherished solitude. However, with time and patience, Pumpkin has surprised his foster family by hopping onto their laps and requesting pets. He's discovered the comfort of companionship and is slowly embracing the joys of snuggling up with a loving human.

Pumpkin dreams of a cozy nook in a peaceful home where he can feel safe and sound. He delights in hearing the birds chirping and loves to gaze out the window, taking in the world around him. If you're seeking an independent pet companion who is also learning the joys of lap time, Pumpkin is the purr-fect match for you! With Pumpkin by your side, you'll have a furry friend who values independence as much as you do. Could you be the one to offer Pumpkin the comfort he's been yearning for?


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