Pit Mix
July 15, 2014
3 years & 3 months

Another abandoned pitbull. There was Norman in the park, Lola in the garage, and now Rascal in a parking lot, under the blazing sun. Local cops found him tied up in a parking lot, already defeated. He was so thin and frail that an officer lifted what should be a strong, majestic pitbull with one arm like a feather. They took him to VERG emergency hospital, where he awaited transport to a high kill shelter. But the employees at VERG knew his fate at the kill shelter would be death, so they called us up and asked us to take the case. Remembering Norman and Lola we knew the happy ending Rascal could have, and we would be betraying our duty as rescuers to turn him away from that chance. So we welcomed him to the AMA family and rushed him to our vets at Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice to see what’s going on with this battered boy of skin and bones. We don’t know his past, but based on his medical exam we could tell that in his 3 young years, Rascal has experienced a LOT of trauma. He was so thin, malnourished, wounded, and heat stricken that the vets were shocked when he stood, just for a second, on his own four legs. He developed deep pressure wounds from being pressed against the walls of a small space for a long time, and was also covered in dozens of other wounds, some fresh, some scarred, that resemble bite marks and tell us that this guy fought for his life. We always tell our loved ones to stay strong and keep fighting in the face of hard times and offer our support. Rascal did the fighting and managed to stay alive. Eventually, slivers of his playfulness have started to come out and over time he transformed into a happy and healthy animal who is now patiently waiting for his happily ever after.

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