Domestic Shorthair
1 years & 7 months
9 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Can provide a safe space for an adult cat

Did you know that ravens usually travel in pairs and stay with their mates for life? True to his namesake, Raven arrived at our shelter along with another cat (Smokey). These two were found in a crate on a cold night after being abandoned by their previous owners. Now Raven is looking for his forever home after an arduous migration to the shelter, and he needs a new companion he can bond with. This time, he's looking for someone who is committed to fulfilling the raven pact and sticking with him for life!

As a member of the feline family, Raven may not be able to soar or fly, but he can certainly jump gracefully and land right on your lap when it's time for pets and cuddles. He has great acrobatic ability, but don't underestimate his intellect, either. He's clever and knows how to get your attention with longing meows that are sure to snatch your heart. You may even find yourself being courted by Raven with his intimate purrs and gentle nudges against your hand—signs that he intends to stay devoted to you as your lifelong companion.

Like his bird counterpart, Raven is extremely loyal. You just need to be as 100% as committed to the relationship as he is! If you think you and Raven would make a wonderful and inseparable pair, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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