Pit Mix
5 years & 5 months
70 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Age 25-45. Who has some experience in working with dogs in obedience and no first-time dog owner. No children living in the house or other animals. Who either has a backyard or active with walks/hiking. Must come for training lessons. Would try to avoid apartment buildings with elevators/confined spaces.

When we first laid eyes on Rex, it was heartbreaking to see the state he was in. His body was covered in bite marks and old scars that had already healed. He was so weak that he could barely move, and it was apparent that he had suffered from severe physical abuse. We immediately rushed him to the vet's office to receive the care he needed to survive.

The veterinarian who examined him suspected that Rex had been a victim of dogfighting due to the severity of his injuries. It was clear that he had endured a lot of pain and suffering, but with proper medical attention and love, we were determined to help him heal and move on from his traumatic past.

Rex's recovery journey was a long one. He had to stay at the vet's office for several weeks while he gained weight and his wounds slowly healed. It was a challenging time for both him and us, but we were committed to ensuring that he would be given the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life.

Finally, the day arrived when Rex was ready to leave the vet's office and start a new chapter in his life. We enrolled him in Green Leaf Pet Resort's training program, where he excelled and graduated with flying colors. He learned many commands, including "heel," "wait," "down," and many more. Rex is now a well-trained and well-behaved dog that is eager to find his forever family. Sadly, Rex never fully got over his bad experience with other dogs, and while he ignores them on the street, he should be the only pet in the household.

Rex's adoption process requires a few training sessions with his trainers, which will be covered by the program. It's crucial to continue his training to ensure that he stays on the right path and becomes the best dog he can be. We're confident that there is a perfect family out there for Rex who will provide him with the love, care, and attention he deserves. If you're interested in meeting Rex and possibly making him a part of your family, please complete the adoption application today.

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