Pit Mix
8 months
30 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Can provide a safe home with little to no stairs and stimulating routine for a young dog

Despite being a young pup, Reya has already proven to be a prodigy in learning commands and is on her way to stardom in the dog world!

 Reya's health was in critical condition after a car accident and was rushed to the emergency hospital by a Good Samaritan. Days passed after the incident, but efforts to find Reya's owner failed. Following this, our organization was contacted in hopes of helping Reya. Reya was able to survive, but not without suffering impairment to her leg, which required amputation. The operation was successful, and although Reya only has three legs now, she's still as playful as ever and loves to bounce around, spreading her infectious energy everywhere!

Reya is already house broken and knows a few basic commands. She's an excellent and diligent student when it comes to learning, and she hopes to learn even more tricks so she can become a great performer in the future! Reya is very food motivated, and one shake of the treats bag will have her ears perking and her tail wagging. For Reya, sitting obediently and holding out a paw in exchange for a tasty treat seems like an amazing bargain! Reya loves her snacks, but she loves her cuddle as well! She'll wear her favorite knit sweater and cozy up on your lap for a long snuggle session!

If you'd like to help Reya continue her education in becoming a superstar, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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