Domestic Shorthair
5 months
5 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Can provide a safe space and time for a young kitten

Roses are red, violets are blue. This kitty wants a pat on her head, and she hopes to get one from you!

Rose is one of three siblings in a kitten bouquet that was delivered to the AMA shelter's doorstep. She, along with Dahlia and Poppy, were found in someone's backyard and rescued by one of our volunteers. Rose, as her name suggests, possesses the beauty and grace of her floral counterpart. Everywhere she goes, she provides serenity to those around her with her soothing purrs. Rose's heart, while delicate like petals, will open up and blossom wonderfully so long as she's in the presence of an attentive companion. All it takes is a daily watering of love, and with time, her lovely personality will unfurl for all to see!

Rose is guaranteed to enchant and beautify your home with her passionate nature. When it’s sunny out, she’ll stretch by the window, rejuvenating herself with the sun's warm embrace. At night, while perching on top of a windowsill under the moonlight, she'll serenade and meow to her heart's content. While Rose prides herself on her feline grace, she likes to indulge in antics every now and then. She’ll pounce mouse toys with speedy elegance, zigzagging her way across the room. And of course, she'll showcase her love by rubbing against you and leaving her pleasant fragrance on you.

If you’d like to make your days bloom brighter with Rose’s companionship, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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