Shylah and Snow

Animal cruelty truly has no limits, no borders. A local man in Puerto Rico found two pups crying in pain and wanted to help, unfortunately, he couldn't afford the medical bills. But his heart was in the right place and he contacted our Puerto Rico partners, Souls of Satos, who then contacted us with an urgent plea to help the two young dogs found in horrific conditions. What they showed us was so disturbing that we couldn't even cry from the shock. We saw 3-month-old defenseless little puppies covered head to toe in scabs, raw skin on their paws, and covered in patches of skin hanging and about to fall off. They scratched non-stop and softly whimpered in pain as they suffered. They were calm, almost lethargic as if they had already given up and waited for peace to finally find them. And without help, they wouldn't have lived to be even 6 months old. So we promised we will get them better, we promised that we will give them hope to for a life with no pain. That's no simple promise. The road to a long, happy life on this side of the sea was a difficult one. But they are here, now healthy and ready for adoption. We hope to keep them together so they can share their happily ever after. <3

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