Mixed Breed
February 10, 2017
1 years & 10 months
Pending Adoption

It's not easy to grow up in Thailand if you are a stray dog. Som was one of the unfortunate souls who ended up all alone on the streets and had to fend for himself ever since he was a young puppy. Luckily, he was noticed by a good samaritan and the local rescue group was alerted about his case. Thankfully, the rescue group was quick and was able to rescue him on time before something bad would have happened, as it always does to thousands of homeless dogs. Som was then vetted and joined the rescue group's foster home where Som became friends with tens of other rescued dogs. This is where he showed off his sweet personality and won hearts of every single volunteer at the rescue. When we saw his pictures we immediately fall in love with his cute big ears and agreed to bring him here in NY, where we promised to find him his happily ever after. He flew into Brooklyn, NY on March 17th, 2018 and even though it took him few days to adjust, it wasn't such a difficult adjustment time as it often happens with dogs from Aisa. Som is now true New Yorker and is waiting for his forever parents to come get him.

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