January 3, 2011
7 years & 1 months

When Soni's owner passed, unfortunately, the family wasn't able to take care of her and her furry brother. Soni was about to become homeless and we stepped in to make sure that this doesn't happen. When we first met her, Soni was simply shaved, but her ear infection was so bad that the poor pup couldn’t stop crying, even for a moment. She also weighted double her normal body weight, all because of poor diet and lack of exercise. But we were determent to turn her life around, to bring her back to health, and to send Soni on her way to their happily furever after. Thankfully to an amazing foster mommy, Soni was able to leave the boarding together with Bengie, her furry brother from before, and now she gets a good amount of exercise, eats healthy and just enjoying herself.  If you'd like to meet Soni, please fill out the adoption application today.

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