Mixed Breed
November 1, 2018
1 years
Pending Adoption

Stanion came to us from Thailand, from a well-known rescue organization Soi Dog Foundation that rescues many dogs from the meat dog trades. We've always wanted to get involved with this wonderful group and Stani is our first pup from Soi Dog that travelled to find her new home here in NY. She was so timid the first day after arriving, but luckily, one of the previous adopters decided to foster this sweetheart. The dog they've adopted from almost a year ago, Jax, has been a huge help in teaching Stani all about the New York dog life. Busy streets and noisy corners are nothing when a big foster brother is looking out for our girl!

Adopt Stanion

Sorry, but Stanion is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!