Domestic Shorthair
October 8, 2018
6 months
Pending Adoption

We were called about a kitty who had a severe case of a prolapsed rectum. When we saw this poor little guy, who we named Stormy, it looked like his organs were falling out and his cries were breaking our hearts into a million pieces. Our vet put him under anesthesia and tried to fix the prolapse, but the damage was so extensive that nothing could be done. And so we rushed him to the emergency hospital where specialist promised to do everything in their power to save Stormy’s life. Unfortunately, this case wasn't easy even for surgeons with years of experience, and they had to keep the kitty at the hospital in hopes of trying to surgically repair the prolapse. The surgeons have performed several purse string stitches hoping to repair the prolapse however this surgical treatment has failed. The next step was an invasive surgery called a COLOPEXY. A colopexy is a surgical procedure in which the colon is attached to the abdominal wall and secured. After days and days of not knowing if Stormy will recover we finally got a positive prognosis. Stormy did pull through! We knew he's a fighter and that his forever family will be so lucky to have him.

Adopt Stormy

Sorry, but Stormy is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!