Maltese Mix
March 4, 2013
4 years & 3 months

After almost 4 years of operations, our work can never be predicted. Every day is a new day for everyone, while for us, every day has the potential for a new battered life found injured and neglected. That was one of these days. We got a call about an injured small pup found in Brooklyn. It seemed that we had to amputate Sweetie's leg, but after discussing it with our vets, we decided to give her a chance and tried treating the leg. Two days later we saw a mild improvement that gave us hope, and so we continued medical treatments. Week after week her leg was getting better, and so eventually she was ready to leave to a foster home. Now, she is patiently waiting for an amazing family to come get her. Please fill out the adoption application if you'd like to meet her.

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