Domestic Shorthair
2 months
2 lbs

Remember Umbra? We received an urgent plea to save a one-week-old kitten who was desperately clinging to the body of her sibling. Sadly the sibling didn’t survive. We were told that their mother took the other three kittens and abandoned these two, presumably because they got sick, and mother cats will do this from time to time to prevent the sickness from spreading to the rest of the litter. AMA team rushed to the scene, and we were heartbroken to meet the little kitten who was malnourished and looked like nothing but a bag of skin and bones. It can be a matter of hours between life and death with neonatal kittens, so we knew that no time could be wasted.  We rushed Umbra to the emergency hospital right away, where doctors stabilized her. And from there, things only got better. A wonderful foster helped Umbra get to her little feet, and her furry sibling provided all the nurturing she was missing since the loss of her original family. Umbra is now ready to start looking for her human forever family, and we can't wait to witness her find her happily ever after!

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