Domestic Shorthair
January 18, 2015
5 years & 8 months
Pending Adoption

Whiskers was laying on the street, crying for help when a group of caring, young individuals swooped in to save him. As soon as we saw Whiskers's pictures, we knew he had to be rushed to the emergency immediately. It was unclear what has happened to him, but the swelling in his head suggested some type of head trauma. After a few days at the emergency, Whispers was able to recover, surprising us all with his strong will to live. And while he was tested positive for FIV, we saw how much life he has in him. Luckily, we were able to quickly find a wonderful foster home for Whiskers where he now thrives, while waiting for his forever family to find him.

Adopt Whiskers

Sorry, but Whiskers is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!