Remember Ace? About a year and a half ago we've been informed about yet another neglect case in Brooklyn, NY. This big guy was left behind by his previous owners and whoever took on the responsibility of caring for the dog, wasn't doing such an amazing job at it. Ace was staying outside, rain or shine, and one look into his sad eyes was enough to make us tear. People tried to reach out to multiple sources, but there was nobody who would be able to help. When we saw those saw eyes behind bars on the submitted pictures, we momentarily fall in love with Ace. We saw the hope slipping away from him, and we had to act fast. After multiple tries we were finally able to get in touch with the current owners and get them to surrender Ace to us. This is how Ace’s journey to his happily ever after begun. He was so excited to leave the small area that he has been living in for the past few months that even the attempt to leave him alone was making Ace nervous. Not only was he one handsome boy but he was also a true love bug with people. Unfortunately, due to his previous past, Ace wasn't ready to hang out with other dogs, and that caused a huge delay in searching for his forever family. We were looking for someone experienced, patient and understanding- someone who would teach Ace how to be a happy dog. About a year ago, Ace was adopted and we thought that this was it for our handsome boy, but then he had an incident where Ace reacted unfavorably which eventually caused him to be surrendered back to us. We welcomed him with open arms. We knew that Ace will need more training and a new adopter who is extremely patient, loving and caring, and we were determined to find that one special person. It’s been a few months since we took Ace back, and .... guess what? 😻 You guessed it right! Ace got adopted! He is the only pet in the house and now lives with Chad, his only human owner. They give each other love and support while Chad figures out the optimal way to continue training him. Chad also has time to take Ace to Prospect Park, which is only 10 min away, for long walks. This is the happy ending our boy Ace has always wanted and deserved. Enjoy the rest of your life, Ace! ❤️


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