Aladdin was one of the kitties we rescued from Saudi Arabia. Back there, like many other stray cats, he was abused, neglected and sick. No one wanted him and after receiving a desperate plea from a local animal lover, we transported Aladdin and 4 other cats to NY. This is how we’ve welcomed this beauty into AMA’s family. Aladdin quickly became accustomed to his new lifestyle, letting go of his painful experiences from before. With all the good food, all the rubs and playtime there was absolutely no time to dwell in the past! And then something wonderful happened- the nicest guy from PA took notice of our handsome kitty cat. The way they liked each other from the start we knew that this will be it. Happy Adoption, Aladdin! Enjoy the rest of your life with your new dad. We’re honored to give you a second chance in life that you absolutely deserved.


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