Remember our Saudi Arabian crew? Alpha, our majestic white two-year-old Persian, came a long way to come to AMA. Alpha was a rescue from the streets of Saudi Arabia and was staying with a vet but unfortunately, the vet ran around of room and it became a dire situation. AMA stepped in and booked Alpha on the next flight to the United States. Alpha was a little matted all over, so we cleaned him up with a nice haircut. We weren't sure what to expect from him at first, but we quickly realized what a social, charming cat he was! Alpha was quite the people pleaser, and he just loved to follow everyone! His beautiful mismatched blue and green eyes only added to this fantastic feline. His foster family knew they wanted to adopt him right away, but they were willing to wait until Alpha got a full clean bill of health! Alpha continued to settle in with his foster's home and kept up his friendly and gentle personality. Who could resist such a gorgeous guy?! Our handsome boy has come from around the world to find his home, but we are so happy that he has found it. Once Alpha was medically ready, he was able to be officially adopted! His family is obsessed with him and he will be quite the pampered Persian for the rest of his days. We're so happy for him!


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