Amber was found on the streets abandoned by her family at 6 months old. Amber happened to be out on the streets and badly hurt as well when someone found her. Some of her strongest bones were fractured and broken in multiple places. We are so grateful that the animal-loving Samaritan found her. Luckily at the same time, one of the AMA volunteers happened to walk by the area and stepped in to help. She was able to pick Amber up and transfer her to the vet clinic ASAP. After various X-Rays, the doctors determined that Amber was most likely ran over by a moving vehicle or viciously thrown out of one. Our veterinary clinic was unable to perform the complicated surgery that she needed, so AMA transferred Amber to VERG North. Veterinarians at VERG confirmed that Amber will be able to walk again like normal and so after the long recovery process she finally is able to walk, run and even jump as if nothing ever happened to her. Guess what else? She found her happily ever after and is now adopted!


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