Arya and Piper

We want to share the story of the last kitten from the Game of Thrones trio. Remember Arya? All three babies were found abandoned by their mother when they were very little. Luckily one of our wonderful fosters was available to take them in, and bottle feed them until they were old enough to eat independently. Nursing sick neonatal kittens back to health is never easy, so we're very grateful to our fosters who are willing to do such a challenging but rewarding job. As you can tell by looking at her pictures, Arya wasn't a shy one. She had no problems sitting on top of her brother's head and stealing toys from her sister. And we knew that one lucky person would come to snatch this little rascal as soon as she was ready for her official adoption. But before we tell you the rest of the story, care to guess what Arya and Piper, another one-year-old kitty, have in common? Piper still lacked social skills and was terrified of the human touch. But we believed with all of our hearts that despite her socialization issues, Piper would find her happily ever after because every pet deserves a home they can call their own. And if you haven't guessed yet, what Arya and Piper have in common is theirs forever home! Because Piper was such a special kitty who needed a lot of patience, her adopters decided to adopt a kitten together with her because, from the start, she was more relaxed when another cat was around. Arya was the last one from her litter and often tried to play with Piper since the two had crates next to each other. We couldn't have asked for a better happy ending for these two! Enjoy the rest of your lives, Arya and Piper. We will always miss you!


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