Someone threw Ash out as if she was nothing. But we scooped her up because we saw her value, and we knew that she deserved better than this. She was found stray and neglected, her matted hair was covered in dry feces. We are so glad to have found this poor, sweet girl in time before something horrible would have happened and she’d end up in the wrong hands! We promised her we would give her a better life, but before that could happen, we had to do the dental work she desperately needed, get her spayed and finish the rest of the necessary treatments required for her to get her second chance in life. Once she was medically ready, the next step was to find her forever family who'd love and spoil her. Guess what? We didn't have to wait long! This is what a happily ever after looks like! And we couldn't be happier with it. Enjoy the rest of your life, little Ash. We will always miss you!


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