Aspen was part of the litter abandoned by their mother. Kittens were so young, just a couple of weeks old, cold and alone. We couldn't just leave them to fend for themselves- as if they could, so one of our wonderful fosters opened up her heart and her home for the group of kitties. Luckily, it didn't take long for Aspen and her siblings to adjust to a foster life... They had a big foster sister to watch over them! We knew that with a face like this Aspen wouldn't have to wait too long to find her happily ever after. In just a few short weeks we received the adoption application we just knew was the one. ❤ Aspen now has a family she can call her own! We couldn't have wished for better parents for her. Enjoy the rest of your long, happy and healthy life! If you'd like to help us save more lives, just like Aspen's, you may do so by becoming one of the Angels for mistreated animals. Your small monthly donation will mean the world to us and to every innocent pet that comes into our care ->


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