Who remembers Bambi? The rescue which, once again, demonstrated the somber reality of kitten season. Two young kittens were found in dreadful condition, abandoned and without a mother. As you can see, one of them had severe wounds to her eyes and required immediate medical attention. Bambi was rushed to the emergency hospital, where doctors did everything possible to stabilize her. But unfortunately, she was too young, too tiny to perform surgery on her eyes right away. The doctors decided to keep her on medical boarding and wait two weeks until she was strong enough to undergo her lifesaving surgery. And so her long road to recovery has begun... Just two short weeks after her rescue, Bambi was old strong enough to undergo a double enucleation, a procedure to remove both her eyes. It broke our hearts to know that she had to go through it at such a young age. But we had no choice. All we could do is hope and pray she adjusts to her new life. And guess what? Bambi's foster mom soon became her forever mom! And how could she not? Nursing Bambi to health… Such experience bonds like no other. Endless thanks to all who donated and supported sweet Bambi and her journey to happiness. We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you! 🥰🥰And if you'd like to follow Bambi, aka Arya's adventures, you may follow her Instagram account here 


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