We’ve been contacted about a young cat who was about to be euthanized because, unfortunately, his owner couldn’t pay for his emergency bills. Basil had a urinary obstruction, and after a few days at the emergency hospital, he has run up thousands of dollars in bills. The hospital called us to inquire if we could help. Basil was so young, and the doctors couldn't bring themselves to end his life like that. When we realized that AMA was Basil’s only option to survive, we couldn’t turn him down. And so Basil joined the AMA family. After his full recovery,  Basil was ready to start looking for his forever family. It wasn't easy to find an adopter willing to take on such responsibility: a kitty with a history of urinary abstraction has big chances of happening again in the future. But luckily, Basil found his one and only! He's no longer a homeless kitty and now living like a king, loved and spoiled.




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