The owners brought the puppy to the hospital with a request for euthanasia. The puppy had been lethargic for several days and refused to eat. The hospital reached out to us for assistance before it was too late. We had the owners sign a surrender agreement and immediately took the puppy, whom we've named Bear. The circumstances surrounding this young puppy's condition were disheartening (talking about responsible breeding practices), but we did everything to save Bear's life. After his initial hospitalization and discharge, things turned for the worse overnight at the foster home. Bear stopped eating, became extremely lethargic, and started having difficulty breathing. We had no choice but to rush him to the emergency hospital again. At just 1,5 lbs, still fragile from his previous hospitalization, Bear's relapse was very concerning. But luckily, after just a couple of days at the hospital, he was much better and was discharged once again. This time, with no more relapses. We were pleased that Bear stole everyone's hearts at the emergency hospital during his two stays. And, not surprisingly, one of the doctors who fought so hard to save him decided to adopt our little pup. Enjoy the rest of your life, little Bear! We will always love you. If this is not happily ever after, we don't know what is. We also wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to @weratedogs and 15/10 Foundation that generously sponsored Bear's complete medical care. Their support enabled us to cover all his expenses without delay. Our appreciation for their kindness cannot be overstated.


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