Becky and Shana

Do you guys remember Becky and Shana? These two sweet girls were rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia. They were found with their other siblings and no mother in sight, unprotected and scared. We knew we had to step in to give these kittens a second chance in life. After they came into our care, we quickly realized the strong bond Becky and Shana shared. Given that they had no mother, they found comfort in each other, and ever since they have been inseparable. One of our volunteers decided to foster the two sisters during the holidays. Their personalities started to shine at their new foster home. They became the most playful and affectionate kittens while gaining some new friends along the way. Their foster mom knew that this was meant to be forever. Guess what happened after the holidays? Becky and Shana now get to have the happy ever after they deserve! Their amazing foster mom quickly realized she was so in love and attached that she had to adopt them. Becky’s new name is Little Bong and Shana’s new name is Grazie. This is Holly’s second adoption from AMA and also one of our great volunteers, so who better to adopt our special girls. We are so grateful to everyone who made this happen!


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