Bella Pocahontas

We came to the rescue of Bella Pocahontas, who was in a kill shelter at the time. She presented a severe medical condition, which appeared to be a combination of tumors or infections on her abdomen. Adding to her challenges, Bella was a senior dog, diminishing her chances of being adopted or leaving that shelter. Determined to make a difference, we decided to take her under our care, initiating a lengthy path to recovery that would eventually lead her to a much-deserved happy ending.

As it turned out, Bella was grappling with an immunodeficiency illness, necessitating months of relentless effort involving various medications, trial and error, and perseverance to bring her flare-ups under control. Our collaboration with a skilled Dermatologist was instrumental in establishing a treatment baseline. Eventually, a compassionate adopter stepped in to continue Bella's journey.

Bella Pocahontas' life had been far from easy, yet those hardships are now firmly in the past. Our little princess has found her forever home with a devoted mother who cherishes her immensely. Witnessing this heartwarming happily ever after, we couldn't be more delighted.


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