Our sweet girl Blondie is so full of sass and vinegar that it's hard to believe that she was ever shaking behind bars at a kill shelter. But that's exactly the fate that befell this pint-sized, four-pound Yorkie before AMA saw her and snatched her up. Blondie's time at the shelter had taken a toll on this tender pup, and she was nervous and jumpy. So had a life of neglect--when we pulled her, we also had to pull all her rotten teeth. We were worried that Blondie might not be able to bounce back from such a difficult past, but our girl was fiercer than we thought! After being taken in by one of our kind foster families, Blondie slowly but surely grew to trust her foster family, and even their dog and cat! But she was still pining for a home of her very own. And then, something magical happened. Her foster family decided to adopt her! Taken by Blondie's extra-large personality in an extra-small package, they made her a forever part of their pack. And now that Blondie knows she's safe for good, her truest self can shine through! No longer a scared shelter dog, Blondie is now the queen of her castle--even bossing around her furry siblings around. Now that's what we call a transformation!


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