When we rescued Blossom, he had an injury that was hard to look at, but we couldn't simply turn away. We looked at this innocent kitten and understood how much pain he was in. We looked at him and understood the help he needed to survive. He was rescued with a protruding eye that was leaking fluids and was brought directly to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with dehydration, ringworm, malnourishment, and a ruptured eye requiring removal. His treatments and surgery were necessary for his survival, so we did what we always do- we saved his precious life. It took him a while to get rid of persistent ringworm, but he was already done with his vaccinations and got neutered by the time it was gone, which made him a ready candidate for the adoption. Luckily, a family has been watching his progress from day one, and once they knew he was up for adoption, they didn't waste a second before applying for him. And just like that, our sweet, one-eyed boy Blossom is no longer homeless! Enjoy the rest of your life. We will always miss you.


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