Boomer came to us from a kill shelter in Georgia about 2 years ago. He had a cancerous tumor, major behavioral problems, and other medical issues. We knew that it wouldn't be easy to find a home for a dog with such considerable baggage, but this was the exact reason we had to save him. Pups like him are not great candidates for getting out of kill shelters. And so Boomer started a long journey to healing once he arrived. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but it was worth it. Removing the cancerous tumor was step one, and Boomer got through it like the champion that he is. It wasn't the most effortless recovery for Boomer, but our brave boy pulled through. However, his extreme anxiety made it difficult to find a foster home for Boomer, let alone his forever home. We stayed hopeful, though. We just had to be patient. We knew that a better future was awaiting him. Eventually, we were lucky enough to find a foster dad who kept Boomer for over a year. In the meantime, he was hiking, had frequent walks at the park, and had many belly rubs that he loved so much. Unfortunately, his foster had to move and could no longer keep a pet in his new place. And because Boomer wasn't doing well in the shelter environment, we were getting really worried. Luckily, another one of our fantastic foster homes expressed their interest in giving Boomer a temporary home while he was waiting for his The One. And we continued to wait, hoping that someone would finally notice Boomer. It took almost two years and two AMAZING long-term-foster homes, for Boomer to finally find his happily ever after. And the wait was so worth it! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Boomer. We couldn't be happier for you.


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