Remember Bran? One of the three kittens we rescued a few months ago. Something had to happen to their mother because the founder hadn't seen her for a long while before contacting us. As you may know, every hour is important when it comes to rescuing neonatal kittens. Luckily, one of our amazing foster parents was able to rush to the scene and take the babies home where she could properly care for them. We rushed newly rescued Bran and two of his siblings to the vet office to ensure they were ready for their foster home. And as you can tell by looking at one of his pictures, Bran was excited to finally have a full meal... The foster stay was like a five-star hotel for Bran and the crew, because Nala (our previously adopted pitty) was more than happy to play family with three kitties. Fast forward a few months, Bran was ready for his new adventure called a search for his forever family! There's nothing more exciting than matching that one special person with one of our beautiful pets, like Bran. Enjoy the rest of your life, little kitty! We will always miss you. ❤


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