We’ve been contacted about a small dog living on the streets for about 3 weeks. The dog has been seen to come out of its hiding spot- which was a pile of waste, tree trunks, and debris- but as soon as anyone tried to approach, he’d run and hide again. A kind neighbor who contacted us has been throwing food for the dog but couldn’t even get close. We’ve been told that large, off-leash dogs have been chasing the little pup, but he was successful at running away so far. How long could this luck last, though? We had to do our best to help, so we gathered a group of volunteers and drove to the location. This little pup was so scared and so desperate to hide, it took an effort of 5 people to get him finally. From what we were told, he was living in that area for weeks, eating cats’ food left outside for a feral colony.  Somehow he made it that long, which was really astonishing to us, and so we couldn't come up with a more fitting name than Brave. But once we caught Brave, it wasn't over: little pup was sick with cold, so we rushed him to the vet office to make sure we treat it as soon as possible. Brave was also very anxious and hated to be left alone, though his wonderful foster family provided enough TLC to make him feel more at ease. And then the day we all have been waiting for has arrived- the adoption application has been approved for our sweet boy. And just like that, from the lonely life in a cold street, Brave has found his happily ever after. Enjoy the rest of your life, Brave! We will always miss you.


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