This is Bread from our Bread and Butter tandem that we recently rescued together. Both dogs were extremely neglected, matted, and covered in fleas when we found them. The amount of fur we took off of Bread was almost equal to half of his body weight! But all that neglect didn’t prevent Bread from being the good boy that he was. Bread was a dominant pup, and he pulled a lot on his leash. He was also a bit apprehensive at first with new people, which we guessed was probably due to the severe neglect he was subjected to. Despite all the hardship, we knew that Bread would make an incredible pet companion for whoever ends up being lucky enough to adopt him. We didn't have to wait long- soon enough, an amazing couple applied to adopt Bread. And when they found out about his training needs, that didn't deter them from our boy even the slightest. They were ready and willing to provide any care Bread required, and we knew that this was the perfect home for him. And just like that, Bread was no longer homeless! Enjoy the rest of your life! We will always miss you.


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