Brooklyn had a heartbreaking story when we first rescued him. His owner was evicted from their house and had nowhere to go, this poor woman was more concerned about her cat however and knew that even though she did not want to do it she would have to give Brooklyn up in order for him to have a better life. We rescued him and his journey continued with hardship. Brooklyn would cry at night for months and vomit from fear and anxiety, he also always would hide from strangers. All of this changed when we found the perfect foster to step up to the plate and take care of Brooklyn. While being fostered this kitty turned into a completely new cat! No more anxieties and fears! he even walked up to us for some love and affection. We saw more than we had to, to know that this foster dad just has to become Brooklyn's permanent dad! When Ashay (his foster dad) let us know he wanted to adopt Brooklyn, we couldn't be happier. These two have completed each other's lives. They became best friends and Brooklyn no longer has issues with trust. He has a loving family for the rest of his life!



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