Bullet was rescued when she was just 2 months old with a horrible infection in her eyes. The diagnosis for Bullet has been quickly confirmed- a ruptured eye had to be removed. We’re so sad that this tiny baby had to go through such a harsh procedure at such a young age. But we didn't have a choice, and we knew that it was definitely for the best considering the circumstances. Since it was right around Thanksgiving, Bullet definitely had so many things to be grateful for. And why wouldn’t she?? So many people were cheering for her! She made it on the streets as a tiny, sick kitten. And she was so strong; she continued to amaze us with her quick and smooth recovery. After a long recovery, Bullet was still a bit scared of people, so you can imagine our happiness once we've received the adoption application for Bullet from a person who wasn't looking for a lap pet but for a cat with special needs. We knew that union meant to be. Now every day, Bullet is learning how to be the sweet, confident kitty that she was always meant to be. And we are fully confident that very soon she will do just that!


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